Month: June 2020

This week’s top FAQ from the Badger Den

Every week I receive a call, text, or email that starts like this…”Sorry for the dumb question, but I was wondering if my insurance will cover me for (fill in the blank).”  My standard response, “there are no dumb questions.”

Given the recent news of protests, riots, civil disturbance; the “not so dumb question of the week”:

                Am I covered if this riot comes to my neighborhood and damages my home or car?

One of the standard perils that homeowner’s insurance (and renter’s policies) will cover is “riot or civil commotion”.  So yes, if your home is damaged from civil disturbance, after paying your deductible, insurance will cover the damage, and cover additional living expenses if you are forced to live away from home while your place is being repaired.

Comprehensive coverage in auto policies covers damage to vehicles as a result of anything other than an accident.  So, if you have comprehensive auto coverage, you’re all set.  If you have a liability only policy, you would not be covered in this scenario. 

I have always enjoyed stats and infographics to further my understanding of any given situation.  I found the following from the Insurance Information Institute that may help bring this week’s event into perspective:

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Kevin Volz

Agency Principal

Badger Insurance Advisors