Month: November 2019

54 Reasons (and counting) Not to Shop for Insurance Online

As an insurance agent based in Colorado, one of my biggest challenges is finding new customers.  When I started Badger Insurance Advisors (BIA), it began with a simple mission: think in the eyes of the consumer and make the shopping process simple and straightforward!  What could be easier than online shopping, right?  So I reached out to my good friend Jason at Watermark in Denver to help me develop a web marketing strategy, and voila was born. 

Well, a great website is worthless if you don’t drive traffic to it!  Business development step #2, spend money on online advertising to get eyeballs to the site.  In the insurance business, there is an endless supply of lead generation services catering to insurance brokers.  Like many nascent agencies, I bit the bullet and agreed to pay roughly $10 per contact interested in home and auto insurance in the Denver and Wash Park area.  Long story short, BIA no longer markets this way; the return on investment was not acceptable (now I know why—remember I’m a consumer too), which leads me to the title of this blog…


Last Tuesday, I put on my consumer hat and thought it’d be a good idea to shop my health insurance.  Yes, even agents need to shop from time to time. I key in this really helpful website called “Google” and search for “health insurance Denver,” which leads me to some websites, where I reluctantly filled in some personal details expecting a quick answer of $x.xx per month, and the pain begins…

Day 1:  54 phone calls, one from an actual person in Douglas County, accompanied by robotic voice messages, and a handful of texts.

Day 2:  33 incoming calls, followed by numerous messages and texts.

Day 3:  You see where this is going!

One week later:  calls/messages/texts persist, although the numbers seem to be dwindling.

Where am I going with this?  A gross example of why we no longer “pay per click” advertise.  Customers will become easily irritated and most likely not have a pleasant shopping experience.  Online commerce is an excellent tool, but buyer beware!  Agent tip:  when shopping for insurance, never complete a generic weblink offering a quote or service.  Your information will be sold to a provider ready to badger you for your business.    Speaking of Badgers, at Badger Insurance Advisors, online shopping is simple:  The “Badger” in BIA refers to where I went to school and was raised, not to our method of servicing customers!  Online inquiries to a specific provider will always connect you with a trusted advisor and solution to a majority of your insurance needs. 

Gotta run, my phone is ringing.  I wonder who is calling?