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You should work with an independent insurance agent

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As an aside to assist your shopping efforts, a lot of independent insurance agents actively help your local community. Community Involvement is important to most of us!  As local business owners, many agency principals place a strong emphasis on giving back. Whether sponsoring fundraisers at the nearby church or donating to local charities, there are many ways you can feel confident that your nearby agent is making a sincere effort to help on the local front.  Personally, I’ve been the golf coach at Lutheran High School in Parker for a few years now.  Each spring and fall, I get a chance to connect with new students and families.  Sure, the golf component is fun; but it’s truly a joy watching young people become adults and learn a sport they will be able to enjoy for the rest of their lives!

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Local Knowledge – Of course It can be rewarding to witness your insurance agent supporting the community, but another benefit you may not think about is your agent’s knowledge of your neighborhood. As a resident of the Wash Park neighborhood of Denver, I see first-hand the effects of the occasional hail storms (yes, I’ve made claims too), and the numerous car wrecks on University Boulevard…Damn text-and-drivers!  I know, I’m not the underwriter, but I am witness to the many risks facing all of us in our community. Having local knowledge comes in handy, insurance companies appreciate it as well!

If you’re looking for more reasons, stay tuned of course, or call us at 303.359.1799

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